We create a future made of efficency

A future where content creators would be delighted to face their microphone and their camera as they will no longer have post-production to do.

Once upon a time, in a land of content creation...

There were audio and video software and applications that required you to do everything by hand.

With just one click on the record button, you can capture everything that happens in front of the lens or the microphone. We capture everything, absolutely everything.

Even the trash, even the bad takes.

There was a time when hard drives were stuffed with rushes in abundance, without even being able to classify them easily.

Honor to you who spent hours and hours derushing.

Honor to you who transformed your life into a veritable hell of re-listening and over-reviewing.

Yes, it's true, those days did exist.

So many men and women have wasted time managing their audio and video files, with editing, with synchronizing multimedia files when they could have grown their activity, their business.

I couldn't sit there doing nothing. I had to act.

I gave my name to this software which will greatly speed up and facilitate the production of your media.

Raise your voice beyond borders. Impact as many people as possible with your message.

The world is waiting for that, is waiting for you.


The Orasyo Team

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CEO & Founder

3 passions drive my life as an entrepreneur: my guitar, hypnosis and meditation, and creation.

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