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Orasyo - Write and record videos and audios at the speed of your voice.
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4 interconnected tools for unrivaled production fluidity

Adopt the new workflow that will save you up to 35%
of the time spent recording audio or video files.

Click on tabs to discover the workflow in action.
And of course, you can do a lot more...

Manage your folders and files like you do on your computer.

Orasyo - Write and record videos and audios at the speed of your voice.

Video played at approximately 7 times faster speed.

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Production time and cost saver calculator

The numbers speak for themselves. Find out how Orasyo can help you make substantial savings in your business.

Play with cursors to estimate the time and savings you can achieve by using Orasyo:

250 words

2500 words



Other variables

Post-production ratio: 4:1 (industry standards)

*: Recording time is incompressible: you must spend time in front of your microphone or camera while recording.

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Script Editor

Orasyo's Script Editor is a pure typewriter on steroids .

Traditional text editors focus their functionality on paper or PDF publishing needs. We don't.

Orasyo focuses its features on text vocalization needs.

And here are the 3 major needs to effectively script recordings :

  • Text vocalization time management thanks to our real-time statistics.
  • The management of the script format, the editorial line thanks to our modular frameworks.
  • The management of inspiration, creativity and writing assistance thanks to our autocompleter.

Voice, Camera, Voice & Camera Recorder

The Orasyo ​​audio and video recorder is a real professional quality recording studio .

It is the ideal complement to your favorite digital audio or video workstation software.

Most recorders have only one recording algorithm . This limitation induces a classic behavior during recordings:

We press the record button once, and we perform.

If we mess up, if we stammer, if we don't like the take, we let the recording continue and we chain the takes, the good ones with the bad ones. In the end, you can end up with hours and hours of rushes to sort and filter in post-production .

If you spend hours in front of your microphone or camera recording content, you know what we're talking about...

Orasyo ​​provides you with 4 recording algorithms for unprecedented ease of capture and retake :

Plug in your favorite microphone or your favorite camera, and you're ready to record.

Media Maker

Orasyo allows you to create animated and dynamic slides with professional quality.

In most traditional slide editors, you have to enter all the text you want to appear on the screen by hand.

Orasyo makes this job easier for you by using the existing script text.

Select the words of the script you want to highlight in the slide and it will do the embedding and editing for you automatically .

Visually enriching your video with text and other media files becomes child's play.

Automatic Track Builder

Orasyo ​​is designed to speed up and facilitate all the work of writing, producing and exporting media.

This greatly reduces the need for post-production.

Post-production work is very time-consuming.

Composing, mixing and synchronizing all multimedia files to adorn your audio or video takes a colossal amount of time.

Thanks to the computing power of the Script Editor , the Voice & Camera Recorder , and the Media Maker , you will enjoy the pleasure of automatic and precise synchronization with the text of your script and your elocution speed without manual intervention .

This is how we keep our promise: to eliminate all friction between writing and recording while multiplying by 10 the speed of creation, production, and publication.

In other words, with Orasyo, you record your text with the teleprompter and as soon as your recording is finished, upon export, the file of your final rendering is ready to be published.

See for yourself how much you'll speed up your recording time and scale up your production efficiency!

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