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The 4 recording algorithms in details

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The «Rehearsal» algorithm

  • No recording
  • Prompter player only
  • No file generation

Very useful to test your interpretation with the prompter without having to manage recorded files.

You save file management time and disk space on your hard drive.

Most of the time, users choose this algorithm to check their speech rate calibration .

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The «Flow» algorithm

  • Continuous recording
  • No break
  • Single file generation

This is the simplest of our algorithms . You necessarily know it, it is the recording algorithm found everywhere.

Very useful if you know you can pull off your take in one shot and only need one file to save.

So classic and despite everything... always useful.

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The «Jumpcut Flow» algorithm

  • Continuous recording
  • No break
  • Multiple files generation

An algorithm dedicated to continuous take recording , with cutting of the files according to the sentences displayed on the prompter.

Very useful for continuous recording without having to re-record everything when you have to do a retake .

You can only re-record portions of sentences that matter to you.

Each portion of a phrase recorded in front of your camera or microphone is saved and titled directly .

No lost moment, and easy navigation among all the recorded rushes.

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The «Speak And Play» algorithm

  • Step by step recording
  • Auto-pause between each sentences
  • Listen & manage each take one after the other
  • Multiple files generation

An algorithm dedicated to recording with automatic pause between each take , with cutting of the files according to the sentences displayed on the prompter.

Very useful for fine-tuning your interpretation of each sentence displayed on the teleprompter by advancing sentence by sentence .

Internally, it works on the basis of “Jumpcut Flow” algorithm with all its advantages.

The difference is that the teleprompter pauses between each take .

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